Fire Systems Integration

It is now common for Fire Alarm Systems to be integrated to many other systems within the building. Traditionally, fire alarms would be connected to AOV systems, and HVAC Plant, but now we see far more integration to copmlex BMS systems, which also control windows, lighting systems, public address systems, flood & gas detection systems & a variety of outputs to multimedia, web & communications systems  such as SCADA and Trend.

Preventative Maintenance

The cost of false activation of fire alarms in the UK is estimated to be around £1 Billion per year. 

False alarms are very rarely due to equipment error. Most causes of false alarms are due to poor maintenance, incorrect system specification, and  incorrect installation of the system. 

It can be tricky to design for particular risks, for example, you would normally use a smoke detector in a clean room, as there is very rarely excess smoke (or dust) in this type of area. However, if alcohol, or other flammable liquds are used in this area, they may burn with no smoke or visible flame.

There are many special types of detection for situations like this, but in many cases, a "rate of rise" heat detector would be the fastest to respond.

Project Consultation

We at BEETEC are passionate about a holistic approach towards fire engineering. In many industries, an intelligent approach to design can transform the user experience and reliability of a system.

It is no different for fire protection. 

Even the best equipment will perform poorly if the design of the system is not suited to the particular environment or building use.

We believe that for every problem, there are multiple solutions, but each solution is suitable in different ways, and effectiveness of the system can vary wildly. 

Using cutting edge technolgy such as flame detection, video analytics, laser-detection and air-sampling technologies, we firmly believe that in some cases, there is smoke without fire.

Envolve Beetec Services to help optimize your system design for special applications.

B2B Service Support

 We will carry out PPM visits on your behalf, we can also provide repairs and replacement of faulty equipment.  

Emergency Call-Out / Critical Response

We provide Emergency Response to our contract clients. We can respond to suppression systems discharges, and can arrange for the re-commissioning, and extinguishant media replacement on your behalf.  


Beetec Services was formed in 2016 By Dominic Bee. Dominic has held senior positions in a number of leading fire protection companies within London, and now offers consultation services for, and on behalf of clients and connections of industry professionals.